Performant Thermal Storage

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Phase Change Material Storage

From 5 000 J to 800 000 J storage capacities

A PCM is a material having a high heat of fusion, which the change of state (melting and solidifying) at the relevant temperature is able to store and release a large amount of energy. During this change of state, the temperature remains almost constant. The PCM is usually contained in a hermetically closed device that interfaces with a dissipative unit box and/or a radiator. Different parameters depending on the PCM characteristics, PDM-HSD design and interface are used to tune the thermal control of the dissipative unit.

The technology has been developed in collaboration with CRM Group through numerous projects contracted with the European Space Agency and Airbus.

The technology has reached a TRL 6 with full qualification on ground. Two qualification flights are pending.

The One European Leader in Phase Change Material Heat Storage for Space